Lesson 87

Our review today will cover these ideas:

[73] “I will there be light.”
I will use the power of my will today. It is not my will to grope about
in darkness, fearful of shadows and afraid of things unseen and unreal.
Light shall be my guide today. I will follow it where it leads me, and
I will look only on what it shows me.This day I will experience the
peace of true perception.

These forms of this idea would be helpful for specific

“This cannot hide the light I will to see.”
“You stand with me in light, [name].”
“In the light this will look different.”

[74]“There is no will but God’s.”
I am safe today because there is no will but God’s. I can become
afraid only when I believe that there is another will. I try to attack
only when I am afraid, and only when I try to attack can I believe
that my eternal safety is threatened.Today I will recognize that all this
has not occurred. I am safe because there is no will but God’s.

These are some useful forms of this idea for specific

“Let me perceive this in accordance with the Will of God.”
“It is God’s Will you are His Son, [name], and mine as well.”
“This is part of God’s Will for me, however I may see it.”

Britney Added:
(73) I will there be light
(74) There is no will but Gods