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#LISA-on-the-go attended a reiki share  that was awesome. The energy was intense, loving and peaceful (received great intuition). Meditating or reiki LISA-on-the-go listens intuitively and is guided on her path. Listens to what resonates in her life. #Spiritualfitnessonthego is a path to learning about you and what resonates for you. Meditating is teaching #LISA-on-the-go to be clear in what is wanted, knowing there is always a choice and following through with clear thoughts. The more clear, detailed, specific of what is wanted the more is being projected with positive thoughts and being manifested. Come listen to one of our meditations and start a path that works for you. Lets hear about your insights. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace

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You don’t know what I have been through when others hurt us physically or emotionally. LISAonthego could tell her story and dramas again and again and you won’t understand until you go through it yourself. Others think they know, have opinions, think they could identify with you and make comments that they think are helpful. In truth they are not. What to do when someone is going through an event in their life be loving, kind, supportive, give a hug and listen. Just listen, open your heart with love and let them know someone is there that cares. Even when we share a similar event we could understand but not judge, again be supportive, loving and caring. We just want to be heard, loved and a hug. Someone else cannot take our pain, tears, emotions but they could listen, be sympathetic, loving and give a hug. So what do we do for us, forgive ourselves for everything we didn’t do, know or say. Embrace ourselves and tell our thoughts we are awesome, wonderful and fabulous and proud to be me. We did nothing wrong and the best we could do in every moment. When we look back on these times, don’t judge us, you are not in the moment of the emotions, energy or thought process. Forgive you for what you didn’t know, its so easy to see now I could have, should have, would have, now in your thoughts just say and believe you did the best you could be in that moment. But, I didn’t know, you can’t see everything just forgive you. Forgive you; you did the best you could do. Here is the best LISAonthego has learned; not one person is all-bad we are all good and bad. However that one person that appears to be the saint to everyone else; maybe the one bad to us and to know that all people are not meant for us to be with them. Just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it works for me, regardless of what it looks like and learns to know the difference. Its like you buy this great house and someone buys next door same house and they have the money pit, what could go wrong does and then they sell and the new owners have no problems or issues. The conclusion it was not meant for you. As the first homeowner everyone else judges us and now learn to be in your power and say it didn’t work for me and wasn’t meant for me.” Everything good for everyone else; was not be good for me”. Know you are a good person, did nothing wrong, it was just not meant to be. It was a lesson for you, for you, now you could move forwards and start again. However for LISAonthego this means to do it differently, to change, the tools and activities, blogs, radio/podcast show on is how she is evolving day by day. So can you, come join us today and be a better you. Be the best you could be and start being the person you want to be today. Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego

This is how Spiritualfitnessonthego became a website, blog and radio/podcast show. Thank you for reading, watching or listening today. Come join and read the blogs, listen to the radio/podcast shows coming forth, do a yoga class, meditation, hear a talk by an inspirational speaker, read A Course of Miracles Lesson, a lot of information on the website to inspire you to “Be the Best You Could Be Today” “Be Who You Want to Be Today” Today is all we have start being you!