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I have been on the spiritual path for 47 years. It has been a journey of great depth, a variety of experience, and has unfolded in stages. As a “child of the 60′s”, I have had the blessing of association with a great Master Teacher from India, gotten involved with extraordinary intuitive journeys through channeling and angelic communication, have been deeply engaged with two cutting edge spiritual communities, learned several healing modalities including Rei Ki (level II) and Kwan Yin Magnified Healing, and learned I had a special gift in working with dreams.

Oh, and I discovered 25 years ago I could talk to dead people.

My day job initially was teaching in Early Childhood for I also had a gift for working with young children. In 1988 I left the classroom to start my own business as a professional storyteller performing for children. I have a Masters in Elementary Education and an equivalence in Early Childhood and I became one of the first Early Childhood Instructors for staff in South East Pennsylvania for curriculum development. Currently, I  have expanded to do consultant work in emotional health and substance addiction recovery.

Since the beginning of my personal career, I have been a natural presenter before groups. Born storytellers have a gift of communication.

Meaning & Purpose of Dreams, Guided Meditation and Intuitive

In establishing this website, I am fulfilling a dream of years of expanding my ability to help people through my spiritual gifts. Early on I received a spiritual name. It was Chaturanan. It means “one who knows of all directions”. Strangely (or perhaps not), it fits. I seem to have an uncanny capacity to weave perspectives together to aid others in getting clear, moving forward and sharing spiritual experiences and concepts to groups, large and small. A friend of mine told me once that she was being advised that I was, among other things,  a “mass healer”.

I have had what I believe to be a great success in working with a multitude of people over the years. I have been taught that “there is a voice for every ear and an ear for every voice”. As with many others, my desire is to be of service, to lift the burdens of many people, and to put my “shoulder to the wheel” in assisting this monumental shift we are in.

Join me on this path if you feel inclined.