Focus on You and Ignore that Distractions

Focus on You and Ignore that Distractions

This was picture/blog was posted on Facebook by a Place of Complete Change.

The only bird that dares to peck an eagle is the crow. It sits on its back and bites into the eagles neck.
However, the eagle does not respond nor fight with the crow; it spends no time or energy on the crow. It just opens it wings and starts to soar higher into the heavens. The higher the flight, the tougher it is for the crow to breathe and then the crow falls down from lack of energy.

I read this and went, wow. I can relate. This eagle could ignore the crow and flyer higher so the crow will fall. The other option is for the eagle to react and be distracted. In retrospect, try to get the crow off, lose focus and self-sabotage from where the eagle was going.

This is a great visual for me because I self-sabotage and get distracted from what and where I plan to be. What if I just keep my eyes going ahead? What if I remain focus on my path? Every moment we have choices on the direction we want to take for the day. Choose wisely and what's important for you. We don't need to be deterred or give attention to something that gets in our path in that moment.

This crow is extra baggage for the eagle however the eagle doesn't know this and chooses to stay on its path. The crow will drop off as the eagle goes higher. I choose to be in my peace and go with the flow of the day. Letting go of what doesn't belong and not giving it attention.

if the crow hangs and doesn't fall off then at some point I would need to look at the baggage. However, when I am ready to, given myself time to contemplate the situation and to respond not to react. By keeping focus my day continued on as planned.

This was a great visualization and understanding how a day could easily get distracted and how to stay focus. Ignoring the negativity in your path until you could respond and be in your peace.

Have a great day. LisaOnTheGo