LisaOnTheGo SAYS Anger Serves No Purpose

LisaOnTheGo SAYS Anger Serves No Purpose

Anger Serves No Purpose
Wow, when this came up for me that Anger Serves No Purpose I was emotionally stuck in the mud while processing. So much easier said than done.
I will be doing a talk on this LisaOnTheGo motto soon.
Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo
What This Walked Meant for LisaOnTheGo

What This Walked Meant for LisaOnTheGo

On my walk today with Tucker the dog and Gracie (Buttercup) the cat, all within 15 mins, I encountered all of these species. Wow, the messages these species bring forth resonate for me what is currently happening in my life.

What this walk meant for me

This is known as a Sherman Fox Squirrel and the meaning for a Sherman Fox Squirrel is:
• Renewal
• Adaptability
• Change
• Spirit
• Playfulness
• Resourcefulness
• Connection with earth and sky energies
• Gratitude
• Foresight

I loved reading this website and learning about my day.

Squirrel: 12 Meanings You Didn’t Know About the Squirrel | Squirrel Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

we must evolve by learning from the lessons of the past and look forward toward the future with an open mind and positive attitude.
This creature reminds us not to get stuck in the same pattern or routine, but to try something new.
When the squirrel spirit animal shows up in our life, it reminds us that we all have the ability to shift and change, and there is no reason why we cannot be different than we are now, if we choose to be. It is up to us what we do with this information.
I call this transformation and I am in the process of transforming.

Across the street was this bird. Google told me it’s a hawk I zoomed in too much and the photo is distorted some.
The hawks meaning includes intelligence, independence, adaptability, messages, clairvoyance and spiritual awareness.

What this walk meant for me

Ten minutes later we walked around a pond toward home and here is an:

What this walk meant for me

Great Egret = Heron
The spiritual meaning -
Determination – we are bound to wade through marshes and ponds through life’s journey, and never give up.

We are on our walk and I see the Great Egret = Heron and I had the feeling something was looking at me. It was piercing me an odd feeling, something staring at me. I stopped walking, looking around several times and didn’t see it till I saw it, a little too close for me with my species.

What this walk meant for me

I was on a path and it was at the edge of the water when I saw this alligator. I stopped a bicyclist nervous to move with my animals and they assured me I was fine and they walked us past it and informed me this was an 8’ alligator, Wow.

The weather has been chilly the past few days and rained all day yesterday. Alligators need the sun to keep warm. I asked the bicyclist who knew about alligators why was the Great Egret = Heron and some other birds nearby the alligator. The answer was they know it’s full and they’re safe.

Alligator Meaning –

The symbols of spiritual cleansing and healing

In conclusion seeing all of this wildlife at one time means for me transformation. I am changing, becoming the person I want to be. Bringing into my life all the species I saw today on our walk and putting all the meanings/symbols together comes to transformation to be patient and embrace the changes.

This was an amazing and insightful walk to where my path is leading too.

When you encounter a species, wildlife, an insect, reptile, animal look up what it means for you. For me when this happens and I read the meaning/symbols it resonates with what is happening currently in my life and gives me more insight.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo