Eagle Crosses LisaOnTheGo Path – Meaning

Eagle Crosses LisaOnTheGo Path – Meaning

LisaOnTheGo saw an eagle today on her walk with Terry from Kickass Boomers. Podcaster
Eagle Symbolism and Meaning
To understand the symbolism, we need to question what does eagle mean. Being the supreme winged creature, the eagle’s meaning is of power and resilience. It is the spirit’s message and our connection with divinity because it reaches higher than any other bird.
What does an eagle symbolize for us? It symbolizes rebirth, dawn, spring’s direction, and renewed life for us.
The eagle significance is particularly characteristic of new beginnings, resilience, and stamina for those who have been experiencing difficult passages in life.
LisaOnTheGo - When I see an animal, reptile, insect that crosses my path - I look up the spiritual meaning. And WOW, doesn't the spiritual meanings fit into my life and has me change my views or reinforce my thoughts and guidance
LisaOnTheGo interpretation of the Eagle - is planting her seeds this spring to bring forth what she thinks she wants in her life this year.  I am understanding transformation is coming my way and I am flying and looking at the view, the big picture of what I want in my life.
Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo
Are you your Authentic Self? LisaOnTheGoMagazine

Are you your Authentic Self? LisaOnTheGoMagazine

Are you your authentic self?

How do you get to know you? What resonates for you? Where do you start getting to know you?

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LisaOnTheGo painting by Isabelle Bustamante

Getting to know your Authentic Self is a Process.

Life could be so busy and overwhelming with work and children there is little time for ourselves. The first weekend LisaOnTheGo spent alone, after leaving the marital home, was an eye opener. This would now be my life. Who am I? What do I want? This was the beginning of learning about LisaOnTheGo. I was scared, nervous and curious, now, what does she do with the alone time? That first weekend:

1. LisaOnTheGo watched television, learned the shows and movies she enjoyed.

2. Read

3. Food shopping and cooked for herself, What did I want to eat? What do I even like?

4. I called friends

5. Played the game what is my favorite? (to learn about myself) food, clothes, friends, activities etc.

6. Read A Course in Miracles lesson each night and attended a group

LisaOnTheGo painting by Isabelle Bustamante

7. Had a therapist that LisaOnTheGo trusted and listened too. By the way a huge impact in my life Kalie was awesome in teaching me about me

8. Ces ultra – Helped LisaOnTheGoin many ways the CES- Ultra every night http://http://www.elixa.com/shop/ces-ultra/ website lists all the benefits

9. Learning to speak the truth from her heart, not what others wanted her to say or do. Yes LisaOnTheGo speaks from her heart, as she perceives the truth to be for her.

10. EFT tapping - emotional-freedom-tech- nique, will be Magazine #2

11. Have a great day. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

Are You Your Authentic Self?
LISAonthego Impossible?

LISAonthego Impossible?

LISAonthego What is Impossible?

Impossible gives the insinuation it is not possible. It’s a negative and derogatory that no matter how you try to do something it won't work. Impossible it can't be done.

The definition of impossible: is not possible; unable to be, exist, happen, etc. (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/impossible?s=t)

Then LISAonthego likes to play games on words in our language.

Impossible is actually two words put together. IM POSSIBLE. Which gives the opposite meaning to impossible. IM POSSIBLE for LISAonthego means you could do anything and it may or may not work but it is possible.

In truth how often do you have an idea, implement it and the results are exactly how you imagined they would be? This doesn't happen often. When we take an action to do something this domino affects other facets in our lives.

It’s like lining up dominos blocks in a neat row, same spaces apart and then you knock down the first one. The first one then sets off a series of actions it hits and knocks down the second domino block and so forth till the end. As these domino blocks are being hit and knocked down it’s like our life events from an action. From first appearances it looks impossible that the dominoes would hit and knock down the following domino blocks in sequence or that one could be a little off and take a different turn. You follow it to the end and you know what? It was possible.

When we put life into action things happen that we don’t expect and you take it one block at a time until the last one. The impossible was done and now possible with some turns and twists. This is like taking an action in your life.

We expect when the domino blocks are lined up and space apart that they will all fall in sequence. However, what if a block is not the exact size as the others or chipped or on something this could alter the hit and knock down of the dominos. Just like life.

Therefore LISAonthego feels nothing is impossible because like dominos nothing in life is aligned perfectly. Some things you don’t see appears and the domino blocks are like life it could take a different turn and make all things possible.

IM POSSIBLE for LISAonthego means moving forwards in life that she could do whatever she wants because IM POSSIBLE.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego