<span class=plus_one></span><strong>Our #1 Social Disease </strong>

Critical addiction, a social disease we catch from others,
is the underlying cause of all addictions and most social problems.
Yet it sweeps our world unnoticed-creating an epidemic of immense pro- portion and leaving chaos in its wake.
"The Heart is open to the degree to which we allow things to simply be what they are."
From our hearts, we have clarity about "what is", free of judgments and assumptions, and can take appropriate action to create balance and harmony. As our hearts open and expand, we have a healthy desire
to under- stand and heal all aspects of ourselves, others and our environment in ways that are loving, natural and conscious. As we heal consciously, we find purpose and value for our life's experiences instead of regrets.

LisaOnTheGo –

Kalie Marino has come into
my life at my lowest
point. Kalie taught
me to learn about me, help strengthened
my self-esteem, self- confidence and teach
me unconditional love.
I am so grateful and appreciative to Kalie. She is an inspiration to life and her knowledge to teach us differently.
I love and learned a lot from her book "Critical Addiction: Our #1 Social Disease and her conversations are enlightening to help me
move forwards through life.