LisaOnTheGo saw an eagle today on her walk with Terry from Kickass Boomers. Podcaster
Eagle Symbolism and Meaning
To understand the symbolism, we need to question what does eagle mean. Being the supreme winged creature, the eagle’s meaning is of power and resilience. It is the spirit’s message and our connection with divinity because it reaches higher than any other bird.
What does an eagle symbolize for us? It symbolizes rebirth, dawn, spring’s direction, and renewed life for us.
The eagle significance is particularly characteristic of new beginnings, resilience, and stamina for those who have been experiencing difficult passages in life.
LisaOnTheGo - When I see an animal, reptile, insect that crosses my path - I look up the spiritual meaning. And WOW, doesn't the spiritual meanings fit into my life and has me change my views or reinforce my thoughts and guidance
LisaOnTheGo interpretation of the Eagle - is planting her seeds this spring to bring forth what she thinks she wants in her life this year.  I am understanding transformation is coming my way and I am flying and looking at the view, the big picture of what I want in my life.
Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo