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These are some of the top issues for people today.

You don't know, what you don't know, until you know. The past few weeks I haven't been well. The symptoms could mean several different things and I am in the waiting game for test results, appointments, doctors etc something triggered an allergy response and here I am.

I am okay with this, its life. What I am not okay with is the way I feel, the LisaOnTheGo that I know, love and like is not myself.

What's so different now than other times? It's the timing, of several weeks now, feeling continuous drained vs having a cold for 1-2 weeks.

During this time I am having the ego talk a lot where I am doing the stories/dramas of falsities It tells me the stories/drama and I tend to believe them and it puts me into the fear mode. The fear mode is an negative energy, doesn't feel good and an energy sucker. It keeps going and going and I don't hear my own heart, the spiritual heart for the truth. Currently, I'm feeling drained, no energy, not interested in participating in life and feeling disconnected. This not me and I haven't encountered this before, its different and yet many people experience this in their lives. This is something new for me and understanding what it's like be ill, not feeling well or something that isn't short term and easy to heal.

My symptoms could mean different things and I am getting the help. It appears that I am having environmental allergic reactions and will keep you updated.

During this time I am told I have brain-fog, this is new terminology for me. Its feeling lightheaded, dizzy, confusion, unbalanced, hard to concentrate, having no feelings or emotions, no energy or feelings into life in this moment. When I am feeling this way and an event or occurrence arises, I am so right, argumentative and yet when the brain-fog ceases I go wow looking at the event or occurrence again and saying to myself what happened? That's not the person I want to be or who I am. I am learning in these moments to stop, pause and do the LisaOnTheGo techniques. I love everyone and all is good. We have a disagreement, heavy discussion. I am recognizing this as stress and It's not worth holding onto. When time passes and I look back I am understanding most of it doesn't matter, it's a discussion, and I don't get to make a difference in the political, religious world it's an opinion just like you have.

I now think twice before having that verbal confrontation with someone and causing hard feelings. I feel compelled and really want to make a point, I am using my own thoughts and energy and watching the energy that I put out has an effect, it's not immediate and yet over time I notice the differences in myself and others. It's a thought, not the ego mind of stories/drama for hours, its positive thoughts and then done, no looking back or forwards because it's done and nothing else to do. It frees up time and my energy on. This is a new concept for me to stop using my words, stop talking and use my thoughts and energy. It keeps me busy, positive, getting along with others because I won't say something with an attitude, hurt someone's feeling by saying it wrong for them and once I say something out loud I can't take back the words. This is something we all could practice, it keep my inner peace.

This works for me, I get to have my judgements, interpretations, opinions and then take a life pause. If I feel I have something to say or something to express I use my thoughts. I wait a couple of days, sometimes sooner or longer depending on the situation, event, occurrence and wow others are having different perspectives. Does my thoughts and energy help? Yes it helps and works for me. I get to change my thoughts too and understand my inner self-awareness with the Lisa Method.

This process is helping me to learn things about me I didn't know, see, acknowledge or understand.

I am now understanding others more and when they're ill and how they're feeling.

We are different and unique in our lives, where we are going and what we want to experience. In truth, I don't understand others paths/journeys/dramas/stories/illnesses in their lives and as a mom or friend I feel my job is to be your cheerleaders, support you and care about you to help you achieve your goals and the results you want.

Overall the hardest part of not feeling well is my ego and energy. My energy hits those all-times lows, the negative thoughts, giving into my drama, stories, pain and I feel like I am on the merry-go-round. I play the pity party here and then when I am done and I get all my thoughts, negative words, stories, dramas and no place to go, I am a professional expert at beating myself up. THEN I stop and choose the life pause. I choose a LisaOnTheGo tool or activity and keep my mind busy until I feel my peace.

During this time of not being well, my whole life is coming up for a review, it's like the most important life review, nothing else matters, this takes precedent and with no stones unturned on everything I said or did wrong according to others and myself . The situations, events and occurrences just keep on coming and coming and coming, time has no relevance. How long have I been doing this? The time is irrelevant, the question is how to change this and do it differently for me?

First - I come first over everything and anything else, why? because I am important, MeMattersMost and to take the time for the Lisa Method, label inner self awareness, listen inner self awareness, THEN I know what is not working currently in my life, what are your symptoms, illness, disease ?get the diagnosis, then plan your actions to heal

During the waiting game, I am taking the life pause, and accepting, understanding the negative life review, however we are the darkness and light. Today I start my review on my light and my true healing begins. This review is the good, light, brightness I have brought to a situation, event, occurrence, had a positive outcome, in the dark, I am seeing the gifts for me and you, the lessons learned, and as a person growing and expanding into appreciating, accepting, understanding, seeing who I am and where I have been, where I am going and who I am. Life is a ride, a merry-go-round, on the inside of the merry-go-round are the mirrors all the reflections of you and you could keep going round and round like our egos or go backwards, go up and down or just stop the ride take a life pause or just stop the merry-go-round, with no knowing if you're going forward or backwards, up or down and just being and allow life to come to you. Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo