Moments into Memories LisaOnTheGo

Moments into Memories LisaOnTheGo

Moments into Memories

A day is a day, each day is different with our schedules.

We could encounter an event, situation, family or friend conversation, basically anything. We consider this a day a normal day.

However, in everyday, we live the unknown, life has its own way that brings happenings, sayings into our lives.

Most days appear to be normal, nothing special and yet its on these days that live in our memories.

We are now in our tomorrows and remember that they said something funny and giggle to yourself, have photo's you look back on that have you have an emotion of love, catch up with someone you haven't spoken to or seen in awhile and reminiscing on the yesterdays that are now tomorrows or those moments you never thought would be your memories of today.

This is called life.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo


Friends are Priceless

Friends are Priceless

Friends are Priceless, come watch the short video today

Buying things are nice, its materialistic and makes life easier however the things that are not bought are priceless for LisaOnTheGo.

The way someone makes me feel, says something nice, gives a smile, giggle or a laugh, a talk, a walk, a swim, being at the mountains or the beach, a family or friend outing and having fun and laughter matters most to LisaOnTheGo

Tribute and an Addiction

Tribute and an Addiction

You don’t know how others will affect or impact your life, until you’re meant to know.

Today, I learned of a death of someone who had a huge effect and impact on my life and the memories came flying in. This person was the first person I met when I moved here to Pennsylvania and took me to go play beach volleyball at a local place that I played for over 10 years and some of the people are still in my life.

This person had an alcohol addiction during his life and recently fell. while recuperating they were  detoxing at the same time then developed pneumonia and had a stroke. Oh, wow, what a hard, difficult way to leave earth.




Tribute - addiction - learn from others, be a better you, you do something from daily to 1x a week that is a luxury, get help today.

             YOU’RE NOT EXEMPT 

A close person to me always said many people die from detoxing, it’s not easy, very difficult and doesn’t matter if the detox is from medicines, drinking, or something else.

Let this be a lesson, pay attention to your habits and not to allow these habits go on for any length of time. It will catch up with you and be a difficult hard life - get it under control now! Are you having mood swings, unhappy with you, blaming others for your life, you’re always right, depressed, snapping at others this is a beginning and get the help NOW…. GET IT TODAY, then detox one day at a time, and some days one moment at a time, trust me you don’t want to live this life, being successful or not is not a reflection who has issues!

It’s so hard to watch others have issues that affect you and your life, this means beer, wine, hard alcohol, pain killers, sleep medicines, illnesses and the list goes on… most of the time this is a want not a need to have in your life! Learn from others around you, most everyone has had a personal experience with watching someone else, and the difficulties, the dark paths it could take you and the eventual medical issues that will have the effects on you and others.

It’s obvious to me this person’s last few weeks here on earth were horrifically, painful. learn! you have choices today, right now! To make a difference on your life today.

These messages are for all of you and not targeting one of you, most of us have those addicted items in our household today, and in my opinion more than each of us should be mindful now, be aware and get the help now and make your own life easier.

So hard to watch and even harder for the person living it.

Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo

tribute - addiction - learn from others, be a better you, you do something from daily to 1x a week that is a luxury, get help today.