Edie Weinstein Married to a Memory

Edie Weinstein Married to a Memory

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Just when I believe I have something sussed, the universe has a way of saying, “Not so fast, smarty pants.”

In the wake of the recent article I penned for elephant journal called, How To Leave Our Anger and Resentment In The Past, I had erroneously thought that I had actually put down once and for all, the metaphorical boulder to which I alluded.

It was comprised of unbearably cumbersome and heavy duty rock and residual gravel of longstanding addictive patterns. I had been feeling pretty proud of myself with the accompanying sense of lightness for having taken the metaphorical weight of the world from my shoulders.

You know that one, I imagine, when you make a decision and feel some {whew!} relief and wonder how you toted the burden around for so long. Then you may question why in the name of all that is sane, that you would ever hoist it back up.

Call it habit, pattern or addiction. I have heard two definitions of insanity. One is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The other came from one of my clients who was a heroin addict in early recovery. He grinned at me as we sat in a therapy session and asked if I wanted to know the real definition as he lived it.

He told me that he knew exactly what the outcome would be and he would take the action anyway. No surprises there. I have laid down and hefted back up many stones that I would have been better off letting roll away. Some have been related to childhood experiences and others, adult interactions that played out differently than I wished. I have hauled metaphorical bags of them that have the remnants of relationships gone awry.

So here I sat with my own big let-go experience and still there was something missing. I had a phone session today with my friend, Randy Goldberg, who offers a modality called Family Constellation Therapy which relates to family patterns and their internalization, which may be so deeply buried that it might take a pick and shovel to pry them loose.

Fortunately, I had an inkling that by the end of our conversation, I would have some insight into what that might be. I found myself laughing with delight when I had two “Aha!” moments. I had been wallowing for years in frustration as if in mucky, muddy mire over what I had desired in my marriage and subsequent relationships that felt elusive. Wanting and not having can be soul searing and now with this insight, I felt soul-nourished instead.

I have been widowed for 16 years and at least a decade ago, I had declared that I no longer “felt” married. I thought I was available for relationship, but clearly I wasn’t. The words came to/through me today, “You are married to memory.”

Although I haven’t worn a wedding ring for ages, and have actually had wedding ceremonies in which I “married myself” and committed to be my own partner/lover/friend, regardless of what life may bring, I clearly still felt an attachment to the relationship with Michael. The steel cable of anger, sadness, loss, grief, fear, resentment and frustration kept us bound. Today, I cut that cord. After that, all that remained was love.

Another pivotal moment arrived when I took a look at my previous inability to view my relationship with him as my son saw it. I wanted Adam to see it my way, as a means of justifying my choices and “siding” with me as “the good parent.” What came to my awareness was that I no longer had a compelling need, even if still having a preference, to fit that image. I know I did the best I was willing to do at the time—the most I had the courage, awareness and insight to do.

What I have learned as well is that letting go lifts us up. I’m ready to soar.

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Author: Edie Weinstein

Editor: Travis May

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#LISA-on-the-go Shaping Up, Chakras

#LISA-on-the-go Shaping Up, Chakras

yoga photo

There are seven power centers in your body, called chakras. The state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body. It also reflects your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Every thought and experience you've ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells. In other words, "your biography becomes your biology." When chakra energy is blocked or misdirected, emotional and physical illness can arise.

Explore your seven power centers and see how they reflect what's happening in your body, in your life:

  • Intuitively diagnose your energy
  • Unplug from negative thoughts and perceptions
  • Live as a healthier, more empowered person

(written, posted by Carolyn Myss, http://myss.com/library/chakras/)

#www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com, Come meditate with Colin Fleagel and balance your body, mind and spirit today

#spiritualfitnessonthego – WHY WAIT? by Joanna Chodorowska

#spiritualfitnessonthego – WHY WAIT? by Joanna Chodorowska


#LISA-on-the-go agrees with Joanna, why wait?


Posted on December 17, 2014 by joanna chodorowska http://everydaynutritioninmotion.com/2014/12/17/why-wait

/Why wait til January to start on a healthier plan?

The holidays are always a rough time to get started on a nutrition plan.  But I had more clients this year not wanting to wait until January to get started on a healthier plan.  They wanted to go through the holidays with a better plan so that January would not be as terrible of a change.  Besides, I have holiday specials on my website which offer huge savings on nutrition coaching, The Path To Heal sessions and nutrition coaching packages.  SO why wait til January when those specials are gone??

When working with clients, I am not an extremist and suggest restrictions to your eating.  This just sets you up for failure and disappointment.  Holidays are about enjoying the company and the food.  But as I suggested to one client who was dreading the family gathering with nothing to eat…..why not offer to bring something?  This way you will feel like you contributed, but mainly you will have one thing you know you CAN eat.

Why wait to get yourself to feel better?  Why wait if you have health issues?  Why wait til you are so disgusted with your weight or how you feel?   They will not go away on their own and it is always easier to work with someone who listens to you and helps make the journey easier.  Ok, mentally you might not be fully ready.  But waiting til January 1st is almost making it worse!  I wrote a blog a few years past about embracing change, not creating resolutions.
Embrace how it is you want to feel.
If you want more energy – why wait?
If you want to feel vibrant – why wait?
If you want to learn yoga – why wait?
If you want to be pain free – why wait?

How bad does it have to hurt before you seek help?  I know I was in pain with my hip degeneration last year, but I made sure I could do all I could from a nutrition and movement stand-point to keep it as low as possible.  Yes, I did wait to have the surgery (darn insurance based on calendar year) but I would have never learned I could eliminate the pain with just food.  Just this past week I had a client come in incredulous that the pain had disappeared.  Now she can enjoy the holidays without pain!

If you want to work on nutrition, vibrancy and health – hire a nutrition coach who listens to what it is you need, not what they want to sell you.
If you want to be pain free, hire a nutrition coach who specializes in the anti-inflammatory diet and preferably who uses Nutrition Response Testing, too!  But also add an acupuncture, exercise and healing subconscious blocks with intuitive healing. (and gosh, I do all of these!)
If you have emotional issues with food, work with a therapist or intuitive healing coach (I do this with The Path To Heal energy work).
If you want to learn yoga, go to beginner yoga classes and find the instructor you like.
If you want to play tennis, join a league or sign up for lessons.
Whatever your goal, find the right people to partner with to make it easier.

So why wait?  Get started before everyone else does.  Do whatever it is you need to do for you on your own time line.  Work on your nutrition, eat more vegetables, eat less processed foods, learn to cook, take yoga classes, take tennis lessons, go to a drawing or painting class.  Whatever it is….why wait?

Why wait for an imaginary date that probably won’t work anyway.  Just decide Today is the day I start.   Why wait?

#LISA-on-the-go agrees with Joanna, why wait?

#LISA-on-the-go waited, waited and waited; and didn't feel well

then came the best website #www.spiritualfitnessonthego.com

Awesome expert/professionals to help you,

to resonate with you start, why not start today.

Helping you use real foods for real results..... change

your nutrition, change how you feel! -- healthy nutrition for everyday living! --



Joanna Chodorowska www.nutrition-in-motion.net

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Exercising on a Full vs. Empty Stomach

Exercising on a Full vs. Empty Stomach

Knowledgeable, informative, factual article by Fitness Magazine

Winner: When You Exercise on a Full Stomach

Food is fuel, and while hitting the gym right after eating sets yourself up for a food coma, having some (at least partially) digested food in your system means your muscles are stocked with the glycogen they need to work their best, says Jessica Matthews, MS, assistant professor of exercise science at Miramar College. Case in point: In one International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism study, exercisers who ate breakfast before working enjoyed significantly higher VO2 (a measure of energy expenditure) and fat-burn rates compared to those who hadn't eaten breakfast before exercising. The best part? The calorie-torching edge lasted for a full 24 hours after working out.





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