LISAonthego Impossible?

LISAonthego Impossible?

LISAonthego What is Impossible?

Impossible gives the insinuation it is not possible. It’s a negative and derogatory that no matter how you try to do something it won't work. Impossible it can't be done.

The definition of impossible: is not possible; unable to be, exist, happen, etc. (

Then LISAonthego likes to play games on words in our language.

Impossible is actually two words put together. IM POSSIBLE. Which gives the opposite meaning to impossible. IM POSSIBLE for LISAonthego means you could do anything and it may or may not work but it is possible.

In truth how often do you have an idea, implement it and the results are exactly how you imagined they would be? This doesn't happen often. When we take an action to do something this domino affects other facets in our lives.

It’s like lining up dominos blocks in a neat row, same spaces apart and then you knock down the first one. The first one then sets off a series of actions it hits and knocks down the second domino block and so forth till the end. As these domino blocks are being hit and knocked down it’s like our life events from an action. From first appearances it looks impossible that the dominoes would hit and knock down the following domino blocks in sequence or that one could be a little off and take a different turn. You follow it to the end and you know what? It was possible.

When we put life into action things happen that we don’t expect and you take it one block at a time until the last one. The impossible was done and now possible with some turns and twists. This is like taking an action in your life.

We expect when the domino blocks are lined up and space apart that they will all fall in sequence. However, what if a block is not the exact size as the others or chipped or on something this could alter the hit and knock down of the dominos. Just like life.

Therefore LISAonthego feels nothing is impossible because like dominos nothing in life is aligned perfectly. Some things you don’t see appears and the domino blocks are like life it could take a different turn and make all things possible.

IM POSSIBLE for LISAonthego means moving forwards in life that she could do whatever she wants because IM POSSIBLE.

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LISAonthego



Bitchology LisaOnTheGoMagazine

Bitchology LisaOnTheGoMagazine

LISAonthego Bitchology

Be yourself and believe in you! #LisaOnTheGo

is proud to be a "bitch" lol, love it. Why when we are true to ourselves we are then criticized. Why can't we be who we are and not be labeled? Does labeling dictate who you are?

Where is the balance on criticism, taking care of others, being called a victim or taking care of ourselves and being called a bitch?

Today is the day to be proud to be you, who you are and trust, believe in yourself? Why do we believe others are so right and know what is best for us? Here is the cosmic joke, others do not know what is best for us, nor do they know our lessons here on earth, nor do they know the core of our inner beauty in us, that is for us to learn and know. That is why we are here to learn and love ourselves,

What makes your heart sing?

What activities do you like, enjoy and have fun? Are you making your living doing what you love and loving what you do? OR earning your living because this is where you make the money? Is this being true to yourself?

#LisaOnTheGo says it is time for a change and to start encouraging, supporting yourself and following your heart.

Yes, it could be helpful to talk about your perceptions of the good, the bad and the ugly. This helps to give the whole picture that you or one perceives to have. Take all the information surrounding you, go within and follow your heart. Meaning the facts and knowledge are one angle then add in your heart desire, go within and listen; now you could make an informed choice for you in your life. This is your path and goes where you are led and yes this is called being a "bitch" now be proud and label yourself a "bitchology". You are being true to yourself, lovingly, listening and taking care of you. Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo   bitchologyauthor of Bitchology unknown Wellness & Preventive #yoga, #meditation, #inspirational #talks #quotes, #acim  writing copyright

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

(come read, watch or listen)

Now looking back this is so true for Winnie the Pooh and the gang.

The gang knew and loves Eeyore for who he is. They always included him; yet have no expectations of him changing and accept Eeyore for who he is.

Wow, to be truly accepted for who you are, what could that look like? #LISAonthego has met people they tell stories, hide things for being in fear of other judgments. What if we allowed people to see our genuine selves? Who we are, our authentic selves: loving, kind, caring, supportive, smiley, giggly, has fun etc and in addition to what we are how; we dress, makeup, clothes, jobs etc. People to know us, understand us for who we are. LisaOnTheGo calls this being at peace and surrounded by love.

Do you have an Eeyore in your life?

We could learn how to motivate them. Most of the gang is upbeat, energized and fun. It appears they allow Eeyore to voice his concerns, understand where he is coming from, appreciates and acknowledges him. However when the friends carefully, gently explain the benefits in what they are doing, most do conform. This is awesome for Eeyore he is understood, loved and included. Acceptance of who and what he is!


We could all be so lucky! Have a great day. LisaOnTheGo

by LISAonthego Blog, copyright 2016,

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Loved this Article Experiences vs Things LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Loved this Article Experiences vs Things LisaOnTheGo Blogger

Loved this Article Experiences vs Things LisaOnTheGo Blogger  This article is by Berkeley University of California Wellness
Today's blog is feedback on this inspiring article. Read the article first, you will find interesting, informative and detailed. Would love your feedback too.

LisaOnTheGo Blogger had a huge lesson today. She had never thought of experiences vs things and saw this article This gave some concrete definitions experiences vs things along with graphs.

LisaOnTheGo is digesting the first part of the picture. 50% is genetics what you are born with pertaining to your happiness, interesting. LisaOnTheGo wants to go within with this concept because of all her tools and activities she uses from Spiritualfitnessonthego has changed that the % could change too. Also, some of the other numbers don't resonate either and would love to learn more.

Read, watch or listen for the rest of this blog at 

Berkeley University of California Wellness










Acceptance? LisaOnTheGo Blogger

#LisaOnTheGo; Would You Be Your Friend?

LisaOnTheGo; Would You Be Your Friend?

#LisaOnTheGo; would you be your friend?

#LisaOnTheGo; would you be your friend?

LISAonthego Blog about You & for You, #Wellness & Preventive

Learn about You & U, Be the best You or U, ewe could be,

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